Networks and Associations

In the main, coaching and leadership development professionals tend to work in networks; calling upon trusted colleagues for support in all sorts of ways from concept development, constructive dissent, proposals, pitching and delivery.  This is economically effective (for us and our clients) and a highly agile way of working.

Ascent is proud to have a dynamic group of long term associations which enable us to improve our performance continuously and to have the capacity to deliver our services at scale.

World class exponents of experiential development.
Metris’ heritage and ethos have their roots in the lessons of high performance teams and the pursuit of excellence learned through service in the SAS (Special Air Service) blended with the experience and expertise of others with a similar background in elite performance from sport and business.

DTC are highly energetic and creative specialists in strategic thinking, executive presence and accredited coaching training.
Focused on commercial businesses that want to be exceptionally ‘impressive’.

The EB Centre for Engendering Balance in Leadership was founded and is run by three inspirational women who are delivering daily on their vision for re-imagining leadership as an inclusive practice. They are breaking through some of the most entrenched barriers to effective organisational behaviour.

The CIPD’s vision of creating a “world of work that's more human” is 100% aligned to Ascent’s deepest beliefs. So it is an honour to contribute to their purpose of championing “better work and working lives for the benefit of individuals, businesses, economies and society” with the creation and delivery of open course materials on leadership, coaching and strategic management.

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