Values & ethics

We aim to be bold in our work, to take on new challenges and never avoid the tough questions nor duck the difficult issues.  You can trust us to hold your feet to the flames determinedly and compassionately.  There are plenty of other times to play it safe – that’s not what you’d be hiring us for.

Our aim is always to open the windows for you and let in a breath of fresh air to blow away the dust that settles on a career and on a life.  You won’t get anything pre-packaged or pre-cooked from us.  We try our best to work at our own ‘edge’ as we believe this approach gives our clients the best chance of a breakthrough.

You will be more precious to us as a person than as a client.  We receive regular supervision, prepare meticulously and promise to be fully resourceful every time we meet.

“What goes on tour stays on tour”.  We’ll agree boundaries in advance and will stick to them.

As we help our clients get a critical distance from their challenges (the better to think them through) it’s common and helpful that we’ll see the funny side together.  We think it’s an important sign that the relationship is solid and progressive and that important work is getting done.

Ascent practices in accordance with a detailed professional code of ethics based on the published work of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and the AC (Association for Coaching).
You can download our ethics document here.

Ascent Code of Ethics

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