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Our coaches all have extensive practical experience of leadership and leadership development.  Although they come from differing backgrounds, they share the common bonds of passion for the benefits of leadership and for helping individuals, teams and organisations get better at it.

Ascent’s leadership coaching is like a one-to-one experiential development programme; tailor made to the individual and the exact nature of the challenges they are facing.

Unlike an experiential leadership development course, the experiences to be reflected upon in order to draw conclusions and then to learn from them are real life events occurring in the business.  This transforms everyday working life into a leadership laboratory.

We use the metaphor of sanctuary to describe the coaching experience and its benefits. For us it denotes a calm and reflective atmosphere in which our clients can enjoy the rare opportunity of thinking things through, in confidence and without the self-imposed and nerve shredding need to be visible and right – or at least, considered – all day long.  In this confidential sanctuary, Ascent coaches practice the art of challenging our clients with ruthless compassion.  Clients can work through their confusion, uncertainties, self-doubt and frustration in total safety whilst getting to the roots of the issues.

We believe it is only at these roots that real and enduring growth occurs.

In person sessions are ideally scheduled monthly and clients have access to their coach for on call support and challenge by phone or email as required.

“Countless people think that they can exercise leadership without partners or a sanctuary. To stay alive as leaders - to tend the wounds that we inevitably receive when we raise tough questions - requires maintaining these structures in our lives.”

Professor Ronald Heifetz

“Leadership is an experimental art. We are all at the frontier…think of your life as a Leadership Laboratory.”

Professor Ronald Heifetz

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