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From the “Love the Don’t Know” series. These were originally written for the Leadership Trust during Jon’s tenure as Head of Training & Development.
The concept was co-created with Julian Grice as part of a communications plan. Julian kindly edited these pieces.
The notion of ‘The Learning Edge’ was co-opted from Peter Hawkins. Jon has used it in many of his programmes and coaching sessions, defining it as ‘where what you’re certain about meets what you’re unsure of’.
It’s an uncomfortable place.
Related to it is Kenneth Johnson’s idea that learning is going from ‘cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty’.
It turned out to be an exercise in figuring out what he thought by writing. It is tentative but, it is to be hoped, illuminating.

Your Secret Weapon? Robert Kegan thinks so…

Jon’s original workings out in answer to a simple question with a twist “don’t answer this now, but what’s your coaching niche?” A highly personal call to arms for coaches and a provocation for those who take leadership responsibility.

Occasional points of view

‘Nothing here yet, but there will be soon’

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