The landscape we’re seeing.

The numbers are alarming but the prospects are enticing.
According to Gallup, less than 30% of management is engaged enough at work to ‘drive performance and innovation and move the organisation forward’.  The vast majority are ‘putting time – but not energy and passion – into their work’.  Worse than this, approximately 10% are so resentful that their needs are not being met that they actively ‘undermine what their engaged co-workers accomplish’.

Better business? 
The numbers are shouting from the rooftops. They cry “17% better productivity, 20% better sales, 21% better profitability, 45% less absenteeism and 70% fewer safety incidents!”* for upper quartile businesses on the engagement scale versus the lower quartile performers.

We’re experiencing joyless workplaces characterised by uncertainty and fear. When we ask whether people are looking forward to rejoining their colleagues after the weekend, they typically laugh out loud.  We don’t think this should be happening and we’re dedicated to helping our clients turn the tables on the malaise that’s threatening the health and wellbeing of their businesses and their people.

We propose that you reimagine your business transformed as a ‘community of human beings’ with everyone

•Playing full out to their strengths
•Collaborating across teams and disciplines
•Trusting, respecting, recognising, supporting and challenging each other
•Vigorously and determinedly striving towards the purpose you all share
•Seizing initiatives and testing boundaries
•Learning and sharpening their skills every day

We’re saying you can have all of this.  It’s all very simple.  But it is certainly not easy.

* Source Gallup Global Survey 2016

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