High Performance Team development and coaching

Teams are our home base at work and plenty of evidence suggests that it’s to them and not our wider organisations that we show our loyalty. This is both perfectly understandable and also potentially catastrophic – unless the senior team in the business is made up of people who pledge real allegiance to that unit rather than the functional team they formally lead. The other (and common) way lie silos and incoherence.

But what makes a collection of people into a team in the first place? And then what makes that team perform at more than the sum of their parts?

Ascent believes that there are five requirements high performance (and that most ‘teams’ regularly operate below this standard).  The requirements are shared purpose, shared leadership, shared values, shared openness about diverse personal strengths and weaknesses and a shared commitment to supporting and challenging relationships built on trust.

We specialise in high impact, off site team development.

We can help with assessments, the development of the necessary skills and qualities and with team coaching to keep high performance at the top of the agenda.

Our own team takes its performance deadly seriously and sets itself tough challenges it doesn’t always meet.  But it always reviews its efforts, celebrates constructive dissent and commits to improvement.  It may be our home base but it is not always comfortable.  Because high performance isn’t.

“The better teams often treat their purpose like an offspring in need of constant nurturing and care”

Katzenbach and Smith

“A team is small number of people with complementary skills who are equally committed to a common purpose, goals and working approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable”

Katzenbach and Smith

Ascent Coaching

So that 2 + 2 = at least 4

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